Elk River Timber at Gooseneck Lake

Loading at Gooseneck Lake. Dan McKenzie at left and Tom Laurie at right. Trucks brought loads to Gooseneck Lake and dumped them there for loading onto railcars.

Doc Murray near a logging camp at Port Neville

Doc Murray was the timekeeper as well a the first aid attendant for the camp

Early logging truck on a fore-an-aft road

Eric Bergman (left) and Allan Roberts (right) on a hard-wheeled logging truck operated by Byles and Groves Co. at Port Neville.

Floathouses at Elk Bay

Thompson (Dick and Wilena) family floathouse is on far right of photograph.

Pioneer Timber Co. in Port McNeill

Truck repair shop at Pioneer Timber Co. camp at Port McNeill. This was a truck logging operation and according to Ken Drushka this camp mainly used 1920 vintage White logging trucks.

New seedlings at Gold River

Dick Kosick, resident forester at Tahsis Co., Gold River division checks on a 2-year old Douglas Fir in an area replanted following slash burn, Tahsis Company's Gold River Logging division.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch's 6 spot locomotive in Menzie's Bay

Locomotive #6 was a 2662 saddle tank side rod.

Elk River Timber tugboat

The Quinsam No.11 with Les McDonald and Ted Forter. This boat was used at ERT's booming ground at the mouth of the Campbell River.

Brown and Kirkland crew and their families at Elk Bay

Probably taken during a Christmas party held at the camp. Charles "Dutchie" Neuberg on the left holding a stringed instrument (a harp guitar).

Nimpkish Timber Co.

View from the lake of the log dump (on the extreme right) at Camp 8 on Nimpkish Lake.

Elk River Timber Co. Camp 8

Looking southeast from camp gate.

Wood and English operations at Nimpkish

Jack's bridge crew working in the Nimpkish area.

Loaded logging truck at Byles and Groves operations

Logger Sports Day in Campbell River

The log birling event.

Hastings Co. locomotive at Granite Bay

Locomotive at Hasting co. operations.

Campbell River Logger Sports

Danny McKenzie, manager at the Elk River Timber company, participating in logger sports cable splicing competition held in Campbell River.

The first aid building at Bendickson Logging camp

Byles and Groves logging operations

Log dump at Port Neville with logging truck in foreground.

Schoolhouse at Gildersleeve logging camp

G.H. 'Doc' Gildersleeve operated a small logging camp at various locations. According to Ken Drushka's book, Working in the Woods he established the first truck logging camps on the mid-coast. This photograph taken when the camp was located near King Island. John Vogt was hired as...

Roderick Haig-Brown's shack

Moving the shack to a new location. This photograph was likely taken when Roderick Haig-Brown, along with Ed and Buster Lansdowne spent the summer beachcombing logs from the Nimpkish Lake. The logs that they collected had escaped when being floated to the railhead for loading.

Bendickson Logging high rigger trims a spar

Campbell River Logger Sports

Men's log rolling competition at logger sports event in Campbell River. Jack Baikie in the water and Bill Baikie of Courtenay still on the log. This event was held annual at Lane Field and sponsored by the Kinsmen's club.

Woss camp logger sports

Ron Hartell, winner of this event, competing in the Obstacle Power Saw Bucking Competition.

Logging operations tour group in Gold River

Members of the Gold River Take-A-Break Club were taken on a tour of the Tahsis Co.'s Gold River Logging Div. (foreman Jim Messer).

Woss Lake Loggers' Day

Armand Didier, winner of the Senior Tree Climbing event.