Woss Lake Loggers' Day

Art Williams, Best All Round Logger and recipient of the Pierre Paris Trophy. He also received 1st place for Power Saw Bucking, 1st place for Log Birling, 2nd place for Eye Splicing, and 3rd place for Obstacle Pole Bucking.

Load of logs from MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.

Photograph appeared in the Nov. 6, 1968 issue of the C.R. Courier newspaper with the following caption: Logs heading for Osaka, Japan as part of British Columbia Pavilion at 1970 Exposition. Logs were taller than an eight story building. They were cut by MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. Copper Canyon...

Loggers on a springboard making an undercut

Elk Bay Timber Co. locomotive and crew

Elk Bay Timber Co.'s 1spot locomotive on the rail line at their operations at Elk Bay.

View of the Oyster Bay Logging Camp

A forestry tree-planting crew at Quinsam Flats

This tree planting crew (pictured here in the Sayward Forest area) was one of the many B.C. Forest Service crews that worked in the Campbell River area after the Sayward Fire of 1938.

Woss Lake Loggers' Day

Brian Herlihy, the winner of the axe chopping event, holding the Cypress Equipment Trophy.

The logging camp at Rock Bay

On left is the Rock Bay Hosptial and in background are several other family homes.

An A-frame in the lake in the Port Neville area

Byles and Groves logging operation - picture taken from the loading-out works at their operations at Port Neville.

Loaded logging truck near Woss camp

Canadian Forest Products truck with load of TV tower poles going to TV mountain

Hasting Co. crew at Rock Bay operations

Hastings Co. Camp C at Hemming Bay

Tightlining logs into the water at the Hasting Co. Camp C operations at Hemming Bay.

View of booming ground and camp at Elk Bay

Logging in Bute Inlet

Logging at the Schnarr place in Bute Inlet - Einar Johnson did the logging.

Bendickson Logging crew members

Identification from right: Gus Halverson, Julius Sampson, and Lars Lovick.

Inside the cookhouse at Bendickson Logging camp

The carpenter (Gustavson?) and the cook, both worked for Bendickson Logging.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch operations

Art Backlund, who was the mechanic at Camp 5, trying out the new two-man Burnett chainsaw.

Bundling trees at the Campbell River Nursery

The Campbell River Nursery, which later became known as the Quinsam Nursery was established in 1939.

Fighting the Sayward Forest Fire

International Timber Co. mainline locomotive in the Campbell River area

International Timber Co locomotive #4 with its longest train of logs at the time - 30 loads in total.

Elk Falls Mill operations, Campbell River

Mill Assistant Manager Jim Christensen discussing the de-barking process with Ted Baron.

Bendickson Logging steam donkey and visitors

From left: George Bendickson, Buster Forberg, Barney Bendickson, and Fred Bendickson visiting Ed Hill (engineer) as he services his donkey.

Forestry Camp at Thurston Bay

Englewood Safety Council - Woss Camp

Scottish Palmer Logging Co. at Elk Bay

Mrs. Margaret Fielding and Helen Willman on the beach in front the logging camp at Elk Bay.