Englewood Safety Council - Nimpkish Community Hall

The Union Steamship Chelosin

Bendickson Logging operations

Looking upwards from the base of a cedar spar - note the high rigger at top.

Carvings made by saw filer Oscar Hillgren

Elk River Timber Co. saw filer Oscar Hillgren was known for his unique carvings.

Yarding a log at MacMillan Bloedel operations

Campbell River Logger Sports

Cross cut saw competition at logger sports event in Campbell River. Event was held on Labour Day weekend and sponsored by the Kinsmen's Club.

Bloedel, Stewart & Welch's #6 locomotive at Menzie's Bay

The #6 Mallet (2-6-6-2) locomotive Bloedel, Stewart & Welch's log dump at Menzie's Bay. Note the saddle tanks for water. The railroad was taken out of Menzie's Bay in 1953, and the engine went to Franklin River, where it was scrapped in 1957.

Byles and Groves logging

A logging truck on a wooden fore-an aft road at Port Neville.

Sayward Logger Sports

Ron Sprout setting chokers in the Chokerman's Race.

Canadian Forest Products Locomotive 112 in the Nimpkish Valley

Hernando Island loggers

Wilfred Manson, Nicol Manson, Jack Manson, and Ervin McKay beside an early steam winch.

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Loggers from Byles and Groves logging

Two loggers from the Byles and Groves crew at Port Neville going hunting.

International Timber Co. locomotives at Camp 2

An early White logging truck in Loughborough Inlet

Loading a White logging truck with a McLean Boom at Beaver Creek in Loughborough Inlet.

Hastings Co. Camp C at Hemming Bay

Skid road near the Hasting Co. Camp C.

Preparing seedlings Campbell River Nursery

Topaze Harbour

View across Topaze Harbour from Surveyed Timber Limit 30343 to J.C. Turner's Limits 3045, 3046, 3048, 3427, 3430, 3431, 3867, 3868, 3869, and Crown Grants 654, 661, 669, 974 and possibly 6818, lying back of Read Bay, with part of Mt. Spencer, 2345 feet high, at left. Launch 'Kalmor II...

Elk River Timber Co. caterpillar skidding a log

Elk River Timber co. camp

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5, Brewster Lake

Ernie Alexander with his pet black bear.

Hastings Co. locomotive at Granite Bay

Locomotive at Hasting co. operations.

Iron River Logging in Oyster Bay

Jimmy Hammond, a note-worthy strong-man of the Iron River Logging Company.`

Softball team from Elk Falls Mill, 1961

Elk Falls Mill softball team possibly the Pipe Shop team.

International Timber Co. camp near Campbell River

International Timber Co. locomotive near Campbell River. Guy Olgood looking out of cab door with a cap on (after working at I.T he served in world war I and died in England of the flu in 1918).