Wilson and Brady's camp, Quadra Island

Iron River Logging in Oyster Bay

Norm Hammond and Bear - the camp pet.

Powell River Logging Co.

Wooden fore-an-aft road Kingcome Inlet.

Bloedel, Stewart & Welch Co. locomotive near Campbell River

Locomotive is a Pacific Coast Shay and is likely Bloedel, Stewart & Welch Co. #11 used in the Menzie's Bay area.

Paper machines at Elk Falls Mill

View of the back side of a paper machine.

Canadian Forest Products locomotive

Oyster River shingle mill

Elk River Timber Co. truck logging

Presumably an ERT logging truck being loaded.

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Camp at Woss

The rail yard.

Boom at Camp 2 - Broughton Island

Panorama of the standing boom of Clark and Lyford, Ltd., in the southwest arm of Booker Lagoon, Broughton Island, with Camp 2 on floats in the background. Also note the swing donkey and 108-foot gin pole, with launch 'Kalmor II' at right.

Cedar, balsam, and hemlock timber

Trees from left to right in picture: 92-inch cedar; 72-inch cedar; 22-inch balsam; 78-inch cedar; 60-inch cedar.

Preparing seedlings Campbell River Nursery

A-frame and float camp near Zeballos

Contructing a logging railroad trestle

The Kusha's backyard at Camp 5

Jenny Fossum, Pat Baynon, Margaret Laird, and Gertie Kusha in the Kusha's backyard at Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5.

Logging at Port Neville

Joe Stefanyk, Frank Storbeck, and William Granlund with a steam shovel and locomotive in the Port Neville area.

Baikie Bros. Logging at Upper Campell Lake

Bucyrus Erie 30-B heel boom loader being used at the Upper Campbell Lake prior to the lake level was raised for the hydro development project.

Scottish Palmer Logging Co. at Elk Bay

Two loggers in front of locomotive used at Scottish Palmer Logging co., Elk Bay.

The 5-spot locomotive at Rock Bay

Elk River Timber Co. booming grounds

Ernie Lilburn with a drill and John Perkins at the ERT booming grounds in the Campbell River estuary.

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Camp at Woss

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. speeder 121 at Woss camp.

Unloading area at Oyster Bay logging operations

Dumping by Tyler Line with donkey supplied power.

Labour Day Logger Sports event at Campbell River

The 2-man power saw.

Bendickson Logging camp being moved

Bendickson Logging float camp being towed from Widman Bay to Earl's Ledge Site. Barney Bendickson's tug 'Sea Spray', George Bendickson's 'Sea Explorer' are used for towing.

Steam donkey and crew