Expansion at the Elk Falls Mill Campbell River

View of the start of construction of the No. 5 paper machine. It was built alongside the No. 4 paper machine.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch operations

Martin Fossum, camp foreman, trying out the new Burnett two-man chainsaw.

Elk River Timber Co. locomotive near Campbell River

This photograph was taken on the rail lines below Camp 8 - note that it is still marked 'International Timber'. Andy Teck, engineer, among the men in photo.

A stand of timber on Redonda Island

View taken in medium sized Fir and Cedar timber on Surveyed Timber limit 743, Redonda Island, elevation 200 feet, 100 miles northwest of Vancouver, BC.

Mr. Cowell at Hasting co, Camp D

Hasting co. Camp D was located near Roberts Lake and John Morgan was the camp foreman.

B.C. Forest Service boat Cherry at Rock Bay

P.B. Anderson's crew at Knox Bay

Crew at Knox Bay, Thurlow Island beside a steam donkey.

Campbell River Logger Sports

Cross cut saw competition at logger sports event in Campbell River. Event was held on Labour Day weekend and sponsored by the Kinsmen's Club.

Aerial view of Raven Lumber operations

View of the Raven Lumber sawmill operations at the mouth of the Campbell river. Note the Campbell River and bridge in the top left corner and Ocean Cedar Products on the right.

A large fir with an undercut near Woss Camp

Logging with oxen

Log loading at Elk River Timber Co.

A-frame used to load logs onto the rail cars, likely at their logging operations on the Upper Campbell Lake.

Louise and Barbara Thompson at Elk Bay

Dick and Wilena Thompson's daughters at the door of their floathouse that they lived in while logging near Elk Bay. Note that the gate is made from a fruit crate with "Elk Bay" written on it as the destination.

The Kalmor II launch

The Kalmor II launch was used for the "Lumber World Review" expedition to view B.C. logging operations. A rowboat with B.A. Johnson and Harold Gardiner can be seen behind the launch preparing to go to shore in Talbot Cove (which is on Teakerne Arm, West Redonda Island) for a timber cruise...

View of booming ground and camp at Elk Bay

Softball team from Elk Falls Mill, 1961

Elk Falls Mill softball team possibly the Pipe Shop team.

A bucking contest at Gowland Harbour

Elk River Timber Co. locomotive fuel tanks

Near the dumping grounds at the mouth of the Campbell River.

Hotel at Rock Bay

Pioneer Timber Co. in Port McNeill

Pioneer Timber Co. camp buildings at Port McNeill. This was a truck logging operation and a wooden plank road can be seen in the running along the edge of the camp.

1925 Forest fire on Quadra Island

The Quadra Island fire, nearing the newly built Dickie home.

Elk Falls Mill paper making

A tour group is taken through the paper making process at the Elk Falls Mill at Duncan Bay.

International Timber Co. locomotive near Campbell River

James Payne, who worked as a brakeman at the camp, is seated on the locomotive near the front.

Woss Lake Loggers' Day

Red McConnell (right) topples Barry Smith (left) in the log birling event.

Clark and Lyford steam donkey

'Tootsie' an electric signal shistle on yarder of Clark and Lyford, Ltd., Booker Lagoon, Broughton Island, B.C., The steam donkey is an Empire No. 242, 11x14.