Rock Bay Hospital postcard

Working the log booms at Nimpkish Lake

Boom of logs being towed by the 'Kathleen'. This photograph was likely taken when Roderick Haig-Brown, along with Ed and Buster Lansdowne spent the summer beachcombing logs from the Nimpkish Lake. The logs that they collected had escaped when being floated to the railhead.

Loading logs at Elk River Timber Co operations

Loading logs with 'L' hooks onto rail cars, which was an extremely unstable and dangerous process.

Sawmill and log boom at Telegraph Cove

Shingle Mill near Green Point Rapids

Shingle mill of A. P. Allison and Co. of Vancouver, B.C. on the mainland, and on Cordero Channel, opposite Green Point Rapids.

Ron Hartill at Woss camp logger sports

Expansion at the Elk Falls Mill, 1960's

Construction of No. 2 Recovery alongside No. 1 Recovery, 1960's.

Logger Sports event at Campbell River

Elk River Timber Co.'s superintendent Danny McKenzie (left) competing in a crosscut saw bucking competition.

Area previously logged by P.B. Anderson newly planted

A view looking south and east from the junction of Tucker Point and Blind Channel grades over a freshly planted area.

A Marion Electric Shovel used by Elk River Timber Co.

Elk River Timber owned two of these steam shovels. This one is still labelled International Timber Co. here, and is being used at their operations near Campbell River.

Accident Prevention Committee Meeting at Woss Camp

Back row, standing, left to right: Ted Boucher (First Aid Attendant), Art Newman (F and B Superintendent), Dunc Forbes (Woss Camp Superintendent), Viv Hunter (Personnel and Safety), Stan Lowe (Chairman, Woss IWA), and Patrick Shannon (Construction Foreman). Front row, seated, left to right: Cecil...

Percy Belson's float camp near Dent Island

Percy Belson's logging operations near Dent Island. Float camp with a view of a A-frame in the background which was presumably used in his logging operations.

Moving houses from Camp 4 to Camp 5

Moving Menzie's Bay Camp 4 to Camp 5, boardwalk in the foreground.

Loggers at Elk River Timber Co. camp

Dick Atchison, Harry Pollack, and six unidentified men standing outside.

Brian Christiansen competes at PNE

Sayward Logger Sports

Nita Van Boyen competing in the Chokerman's Race - she placed third.

Fighting the Sayward Forest Fire

Byles and Groves logging

Log being lifted out of the lake by heel boom.

Logging operations tour group in Gold River

Members of the Gold River Take-A-Break Club were taken on a tour of the Tahsis Co.'s Gold River Logging Div. (foreman Jim Messer).

International Timber Co. Camp 2 timekeepers

Gordon Jamieson and Frank McCarthy, with the cookhouse on right.

Loggers on loading boom at Elk Bay

Loggers, loading boom and steam donkey - part of the Elk Bay Timber Co. operations.

Bendickson Logging's first high rigger

The first high rigger for Bendickson Logging on Hardwicke Island. His last name was Dempsey.

Elk Falls Mill Campbell River

Early Logger Sports

Loggers from Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Menzie's Bay camp, Mike Andrews and George Hulbert, champion splicers competing in a splicing competition at Westminster.

Installing the head box at No. 2 paper machine, Elk Falls Mill.

Wire pit at the head box at No.2 paper machine.