Loggers from Bloedel Stewart & Welch Camp 4

Load of logs at Camp 4 in Menzie's Bay - a Bloedel, Stewart & Welch operation.

Campbell River Logger Sports competition

Pole/spar tree climbing competition.

Elk River Timber cat logging near Campbell River

ERT employee John Tate operating a cat somewhere between the mine and the old Upper Quinsam Lake.

Clark and Lyford Ltd. steam donkey

Detail of swing donkey to show 'Tootsie' whistle, batteries and wiring, which was manufactured and sold by C. M. Lovsted and Co., Alaska building, Seattle, Wash.

Baikie Bros. Logging at Upper Campell Lake

Bucyrus Erie 30-B heel boom loader being used at the Baikie Brothers operations at Upper Campbell Lake. Logging truck is a Pacific.

Dot Logging Co. at Knight Inlet

Moving the steam donkey to a new setting at Lull Bay in Knight Inlet. Dot Logging Co. was owned by Clarence and Doug Boardman. This steam donkey (a 10 X12) was restored by the Museum at Campbell River and is now on display out front.

Bendickson Logging operations at Hardwicke Island

Bunkhouse accomodations.

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Log debarking machine at the wood mill operations at Elk Falls.

Booming ground and log chute Call Inlet

View of the booming grounds at Call Inlet. Note the two steam donkeys at the top of the log chute.

Logging crew at Elk River Timber Co. operations

Seven loggers on break, sitting with fallen logs and cables.

Elk River Timber Co. caterpillar skidding a log

Spar tree at work loading a railcar in Elk Bay

Trestle Bridge

The 1100 foot long trestle bridge across the Glory Hole - near MacMillan Bloedel camp 4.

Installing the head box at No. 2 paper machine, Elk Falls Mill

A stand of big fir trees

Elk River Timber Co. boom camp

The cookhouse of the ERT boom camp in the Campbell River estuary; bunkhouse in background.

Bendickson Logging crew at their operations at Jervis Inlet

Bendickson Logging ground lead yarding crew. Left to right: Vic Matson (hooker), Smoland ? (chokerman), Happy ? (rigging slinger), Bill Edman (chaser), Julius Sampson (sniper), and Arthur Bendickson (signalman).

A burnt out logging camp

T.J. Brown Co. Camp after the Sayward Fire.

Nimpkish Timber Co.

The log dump at Camp 8.

Wood and English Camp 2

Booming grounds at Wood and English's operations in the Nimpkish area.

Wood and English operations at Nimpkish

Loaded railcar at Mahoney Junction.

B.C. Forest Service tree planting camp on the move

Moving the meathouse, which was part of the tree planting camp, from Loveland Lake to Lawson Lake. This was one of the many tree planting camps in the area after the Sayward Fire of 1938.

Campbell River Timber Co. locomotive

Campbell River Timber Co. #2 locomotive on the tracks in front of camp - likely at Camp 1.

Hammond Logging Co. in Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Bert Hammond, Art Stenfors, and Emil Luoma (left to right) with one of the first gas donkeys that showed up in the area.

Elk River Timber Co. loader at Camp 8

Log loader is being worked at ERT Camp 8 near Echo Lake the camp warehouse is the building in the background.