Elk River Timber's 5 Spot

The Caboose, 2 oil cars, and a steam donkey ready for being overhauled near Camp 8 repair shops.

Wood and English operations at Nimpkish

A rail car loaded with cedar timber near Wood and English's operations logging in Nimpkish area.

Wilson and Brady logging on Quadra Island

The 'Climax' locomotive of Wilson and Brady logging operations on Quadra Island. The engine in this model was a wood burner. Herbert Joyce is the second man in the cab door.

Loading at MacMillan Bloedel operations

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Inside the TMP (Thermomechanical Pulp) at Elk Falls.

A stand of timber on Redonda Island

View taken in medium sized Fir and Cedar timber on Surveyed Timber limit 743, Redonda Island, elevation 200 feet, 100 miles northwest of Vancouver, BC.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 4

Contructing a logging railroad trestle

Elk River Timber Co. steam donkey and crew

Crew at Hastings Co. operations in Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Hastings Co. cookhouse at the Granite Bay camp; Charles "Dutchie" Neuberg at the front left.

Hasting co. camp near Rock Bay

View of tugboat 'Active' tied up at wharf at Rock Bay.

Elk River Timber Co. camp

Andy Audet with truck.

Byles and Groves crew at Port Neville

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

View of the cut off saw in the wood mill. These wood blocks would then go up the flume to the ground wood mill.

Campbell River Logger Sports

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Loading rolls of paper manufactured at the Elk Falls Mill at Duncan Bay onto a freighter.

Oyster Bay breakwater

Old boat wrecks (some seen here) were used to build the breakwater at Oyster Bay when the area was used as a booming ground for the Iron River Logging operations.

Gold River Sawmill

Left to right: Tahsis Co. guide, Arnold Cameron, John Jackson, guide, Jack Lee, Carl Thulin, Ian Pate, and Ron Bartlett.

Lamb Lumber Co. operations at Menzie's Bay

Lamb's Lumber Co. crew member Otto Peterson climbing his first spar tree.

Shingle mill near Green Point Rapids

Shingle mill of A.P. Allison and Co. (Vancouver) opposite Green Point Rapids as the Kalmor II aunch passes the mill.

A bucking contest at Gowland Harbour

International Timber locomotive near Campbell River

Bendickson Logging operations on Hardwicke Island

Tom Johnson (wood bucker) and John Nicholson (foreman).

A speeder at Bear Lake

A speeder at the Bear Lake water tank, near Rock Bay.

An Empire steam donkey working as roader and loader

An 11 X 14 Empire Roader working as a roader and a loader, close to British Columbia Mills, Timber and Trading Company's Camp H (which was located 15 miles from Rock Bay) with timber landing in the foreground and a five car long log train and engine also in view.