Group of loggers at Elk River Timber Co. camp

Eno Saarikko, Bill McGimpsey and two unidentified men standing in a doorway.

Salmon River Logging Co. locomotive in Sayward area

Salmon River Logging Co. locomotive #4 (a 2-6-2T Porter) at their operations in the Sayward area.

Roderick Haig-Brown's shack

Moving the shack to a new location. This photograph was likely taken when Roderick Haig-Brown, along with Ed and Buster Lansdowne spent the summer beachcombing logs from the Nimpkish Lake. The logs that they collected had escaped when being floated to the railhead for loading.

Elk River Timber Co. logging bridge

This bridge over the Campbell River was built by Elk River Timber for their logging ventures, and is still in use today.

T.J. Brown Logging Co. near Campbell River

Elk Falls Mill operations, Campbell River

Mill Assistant Manager Jim Christensen discussing the de-barking process with Ted Baron.

Bendickson Logging crew members

Aaron Erickson, Ed Hill, Stan Finny, and John Nicholson. (Stan Finny was fireman and later married Myrtle Abbot, the teacher. He went on to operate big units in the larger camps.)

Ernie Alexander competing in a loggers sports event

Logger sport competitor Ernie Alexander climbing a tree in Mohan Park, Vancouver. He was the Pacific Northwest tree climbing champion at this time, and would become the world champion later that same year.

A Canadian Forest Products locomotive

Logging at Elk Bay

A group of loggers and two donkey engines.

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Working on the paper machine at the mill. Dry end winder.

View of wharf at Rock Bay

The tugboat 'Active' tided up at end of Rock Bay wharf.

Labour Day Logger Sports at Campbell River

Two men competing in the the 2-man chainsaw log bucking competition.

Moving lumber at Beecher Lake Lumber Co. operations

Beecher Lake Lumber Co., which was owned and operated by the Baikie family of Campbell River, was located in the Campbell River estuary area. The Beecher Lake Lumber Co. milled the wood that was logged by Baikie Bros. Logging.

Constructing the Elk Falls Mill

Construction of the No. 1 Recovery at Elk Falls Mill.

Reforestation camp 31

A reforestation camp in the Salmon River area (across high level bridge). White building on the right was the office.

Clark and Lyford Ltd. Camp 2

Camp 2, Clark and Lyford, Ltd., on the southwest arm of Booker Lagoon, Broughton Island, B.C.. The camp buildings are on log floats so that when it is desired to move it is only necessary to release the shore lines and tow the whole camp intact to its new location, without delay to the workmen, or...

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Camp at Woss

One of the first houses at Canadian Forest Products Ltd. logging camp at Woss.

Logger sports event at Gold River

Canadian champion of horizontal axe chopping.

Steam donkey and crew logging near Elk Bay

Crew and steam donkey operated by the Elk Bay Timber Co.

International Timber's 4 spot locomotive with load of logs

Pioneer Timber Co. in Port McNeill

View of the logging camp buildings at Pioneer Timber Co. at their operations at Port McNeill. Note the wooden road this was a truck logging operation and the trucks drove on these wooden plank roads.

A burnt out logging camp

T.J. Brown Co. Camp after the Sayward Fire.

Woss Lake Loggers' Day

Chris Arnet competes in the tree climbing event.

Elk River Timber Co. camp near Campbell River

View of ERT Camp 9. See page 146 of Robert Turner's "Logging by Rail" for a plan of this camp. The locomotives in this photograph are sitting on the "Loco Spur" identified in Turner's drawing. The area where this camp was located is now underwater as a result of...