International Timber Co. operations near Campbell River

Pete Malphonto and (?) in front of locomotive.

Abbott Timber Co.logging operations

A load of logs on a railcar at Haskin's Place, Quadra Island.

Spar tree accident at Bendickson Logging

An accident with a spar tree - the top of this spar tree has been broken off, and the righ rigger has climbed up over the mess to put up a pass line to allow re-rigging of the spar.

Nimpkish Timber Co. operations at Camp 9

Spar tree and rail line.

Tree planters at work near Campbell River

Photograph possibly taken at Quinsam Flats.

International Timber's 4 spot locomotive near Campbell River

Cat logging operations at Bendickson Logging

Harold Bendickson operating an R.D.8. Caterpillar Tractor. Wellbore Channel.

International Timber's 4 spot locomotive near Campbell River

Constructing the Elk Falls Mill

Steam donkey near Menzie's Bay

Willamette 12x14 high speed Duplex yarder and loader, known at the Bloedel, Stewart and Welch operation as the Riley Combination Yarder and Loader. 65-ton Shay locomotive in background.

Elk Bay

Loggers on top of a log being lifting with tongs.

T.J. Brown Logging Co. near Campbell River

Jack Higgins in front of the Cookhouse, the car parking shed, and the edge of the filing shack.

Rail line and camp buildings at Elk Bay

Tom Hargreaves, former Elk Falls Mill manager

Tom Hargreaves, in centre, presents golf trophies to Grady White (right), and Bud Lovell (left).

Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill

Beecher Lake Lumber Co., which was owned and operated by the Baikie family of Campbell River, was located in the Campbell River estuary area. The Beecher Lake Lumber Co. milled the wood that was logged by Baikie Bros. Logging.

Carvings made by saw filer Oscar Hillgren

Elk River Timber Co. sawfiler Oscar Hillgren was known for his unique carvings.

Campbell River Logger Sports

One man chainsaw cutting competition at logger sports event in Campbell River.

Byles and Groves crew at Port Neville

Elk River Timber co. camp

Alex Thompson in front of E.R.T. locomotive the 5 spot.

Wilson and Brady Co. steam donkey at Drew Harbour, Quadra Island

Oyster Bay breakwater

Old boat wrecks (some seen here) were used to build the breakwater at Oyster Bay when the area was used as a booming ground for the Iron River Logging operations.

Labour Day Logger Sports at Campbell River

Ladies' log bucking competition.

Tree climbing at logger sports competition

Laurence McIvor scrambling up a 75 foot douglas fir - total time 25.4 seconds.

Aerial view of Menzie's Bay

View of booming grounds and booms at MacMillan Bloedel operations at Menzie's Bay.

Little Bear River at Hasting Co. operations

Logs were dragged down the skid road and into the sea at the log dump.