Merrill Ring Wilson Ltd. camp at Big Tree Creek

The machine shop at the Big Tree Creek camp showing a couple of locomotives in the yard and a skeleton car. This camp was located near where the Island Highway now crosses Amor de Cosmos Creek. According to Ken Drushka's book, Working in the Woods, 'this was one of the coast's major...

Elk River Timber Co. booming grounds

The booming grounds of the Elk River Timber Company at the mouth of the Campbell River. Note Tyee Spit visible in the foreground.

Elk River Timber Co. booming grounds

Photograph appeared in the June 16, 1976 issue of the C.R. Upper Islander newspaper with following caption: Sluicing the logs involves grading them as well. Peeler logs for plywood one way, pulp logs the other.

View of fallen cedar logs

A 5-foot stump, 4 cedars and a number of small trees in the back, and fallers making an undercut into a 6-foot cedar, on Surveyed Timber Limit 8890 (about 10 chains above Booker Lagoon, Broughton Island, B.C. at an elevation of 120 feet).

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

B.C. Forest Service boat Cherry at Rock Bay

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Working on the paper machine at the mill. Dry end of paper machine, blowing the sheet into the beater.

British Columbia Mills, Timber and Trading Company operations

View looking east of log rafts of the British Columbia Mills Timber and Trading Company in Rock Bay - showing one 7-section raft complete with "swifters" and another being assembled between boom stocks; three more completed rafts are in the background.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5 at Brewster Lake

The children of Camp 5 at Brewster Lake - from left: Bobby Antifave, Lynn Wilson, ???, Tommy Antifave, Marg Fossum, Robert Daines, and Don Pierce.

Loading logs at Kanish Bay on Quadra Island

Booming grounds at Beaver Creek

The Union Steamship S.S. Chelosin approaching the booming grounds at Beaver Creek logging camp in Loughborough Inlet.

The first Bull of the Woods Day, Campbell River

Eric Holmquist loses the log birling title to Rob Smith in the Final.

Logger Sports Day in Campbell River

The tree climbing event.

A loaded Quinsam Trucking logging truck

Lawrence Baker is driving the truck. Quinsam Trucking was owned and operated by Joe Zanatta, who also operated a sawmill in the Campbell River area.

Hastings Co. crew at Rock Bay

Wood and English operations at Nimpkish

Loaded railcar at Mahoney Junction.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch operations

Raising a spar tree at Menzies Bay.

Wood & English shay locomotive off of the tracks at Camp 8

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Camp at Woss

Aerial view of Canadian Forest Products Ltd. logging camp at Woss.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 4

Steam donkey being unloaded at Camp 4.

Load of logs near International Timber Co. Camp 2

Canadian Forest Products speeder

Reforestation headquarters at Knox Bay

View of the old camp building prior to the remodelling for use by the planting crew. These buildings were originally part of P.B. Anderson logging camp at Knox Bay, Thurlow Island.

Quadra Island logging operation

(Bert) Hammond Logging - Granite Bay

Ernie Alexander, champion tree climber