Loading logs at Campbell River

Steam donkey and crew likely at International Timber co. operations near Campbell River.

Labour Day Logger Sports at Campbell River

Ladies' log bucking competition.

Hasting co. wharf at Rock Bay

The Union Steamship Co. boat Cowichan coming into dock at Hasting Co., Camp C.

Group of people on steam donkey on Read Island

Campbell River Logger Sports

Cable splicing competition at annual logger sports held in Campbell River.

International Timber locomotive near Campbell River

Campbell River Logger Sports

Danny McKenzie, manager at the Elk River Timber company, participating in logger sports cable splicing competition held in Campbell River.

The logging camp at Rock Bay

On left is the Rock Bay Hosptial and in background are several other family homes.

Fire at Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill

Putting out the fire at Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill in Campbell River - owned by the Baikies.

Joe Zanatta of Quinsam Trucking with large log

Joe Zanatta (on left) was the owner of Quinsam Trucking and a sawmill on the Campbell River, he also logged a few tracts of land in the Campbell River area (one along the Quinsam River and another up near Gooseneck Lake).

B.C. Forest Service boat Cherry at Rock Bay

Bendickson Logging operations at Hardwicke Island

The interior of a well-furnished, first class reading and writing room wich was provided by Hans Bendickson's camp for the logging crew.

Pioneer Timber Co. logging truck

Leon Proteau in the truck at their logging operations at Port McNeill.

The first Bull of the Woods Day, Campbell River

Single hand bucker in the Men's Final.

Elk River Timber Co. camp

Loggers at an ERT camp hamming it up in front of the bunkhouses.

MacMillan Bloedel Camp 5 at Menzie's Bay

Quadra Island

Railroad tracks at a logging dump on Quadra Island. This photograph was likely taken in the Granite Bay area.

Campbell River Logger Sports competition

Two-man chainsaw cutting competition at Logger's Sports.

Accident Prevention Committee Meeting at Woss Camp

Back row, standing, left to right: Ted Boucher (First Aid Attendant), Art Newman (F and B Superintendent), Dunc Forbes (Woss Camp Superintendent), Viv Hunter (Personnel and Safety), Stan Lowe (Chairman, Woss IWA), and Patrick Shannon (Construction Foreman). Front row, seated, left to right: Cecil...

A loaded log train near Rock Bay area

View of car having Fir, Cedar, Hemlock and White Pine logs in its load, lengths up to 72 feet, taken at landing of "Camp H", British Columbia Mills Timber and Trading Company, Rock Bay, B.C., Vancouver Island.

Mr. Cowell at Hasting co, Camp D

Hasting co. Camp D was located near Roberts Lake and John Morgan was the camp foreman.

A stand of big fir trees

Oyster River shingle mill

Logger at Elk River Timber Co. camp

Sparky Hughes holding a baby.

A fully rigged spar tree

High rigger Ed Coola poses on top of a newly rigged tree at a Bloedel logging operation.