Logger Sports event at Port Alberni

Vice President of I.W.A. Local 185 Walter Yates (right) presents Laurence McIvor (left) with the Dayton Shoe challenge trophy in Port Alberni.

Granite Bay school on Quadra Island

New school at Granite Bay. At this time many of the children from the nearby Coal Creek Logging Ltd. camp attended this school.

Logger Sports Day in Campbell River

A game of tug-o-war.

Hastings Co. crew at Rock Bay

Brown and Kirkland crew and their families at Elk Bay

This photograph was probably taken during a Halloween party. Charles "Dutchie" Neuberg is the man holding the stringed instrument (a harp guitar).

MacMillan Bloedel crew members at booming grounds

The Wilfert home

Frank Wilfert owned Campbell River's first sawmill, on the slough in Campbellton.

Two hand fallers from Bendickson Logging

Bill Edman and Oscar Sunbeck falling a cedar.

Tree climbing at logger sports competition

Laurence McIvor scrambling up a 75 foot douglas fir - total time 25.4 seconds.

Preparing seedlings Campbell River Nursery

Reforestation at Knox Bay on Thurlow Island

Tree planters ready to start planting at Knox Bay. Each planter is carrying a pack containing approximately 600 seedlings and weighing about 40 pounds. This area had previously been logged by P.B. Anderson.

Brown and Kirkland operations at Elk Bay

Crew and family members at the Brown and Kirkland Elk Bay camp. Hemmi and Lempi Kilpelainen, Ada Mykannen, her son George, and David Mykannen.

Elk River Timber Co. log dump

Unloading logs at the ERT log dump in the Campbell River Estuary.

Falling a tree at a MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. Operation

This photograph was likely taken of one of the trees that was sent to Osaka, Japan for the B.C. Pavilion at the 1970 Exposition.

Bendickson Logging operations on Quadra Island

This steam donkey is a 10 x 15 Vancouver road donkey at Bold Point on Quadra Island. Nels Nelson (foreman) with Hans Bendickson.

Bendickson Logging operations at Jervis Inlet

Hand loggers hamming it up at Patrick Point in Jervis Inlet.

Loggers on a springboard making an undercut

Log dump on Cortes Island

Log dump for truck logging operation on Cortes Island. The truck(s) used in this operation were apparently the first pneumatic-tired logging trucks used in the area.

Loggers in the city

One of the men in photo is Mel Parker.

Constructing the Elk Falls Mill

International Timber Co. camp near Campbell River

International Timber Co. crew with their families

Loggers and their families having a picnic at Big Cedars, near Forbes Landing, on Canada Day.

Baikie Bros. Logging at Upper Campell Lake

Bucyrus Erie 30-B heel boom loader being used at the Baikie Brothers operations at Upper Campbell Lake. Logging truck is a Pacific.

High lead spar tree near Menzie's Bay

High lead spar tree and view from distance of Willamette Yarder and loader, near Bloedel, Stewart and Welch camp, in their British Columbia operations 70 miles north of Vancouver. Spar tree 180 feet high.

May Day celebrations at Rock Bay

May Day event held by Hasting Co. employees a the Rock Bay.The Maypole dance (done on the lawn of the Rock Bay Hospital).