Log loading at Elk River Timber Co.

A-frame used to load logs onto the rail cars, likely at their logging operations on the Upper Campbell Lake.

Sayward Logger Sports

Ladies setting chokers at the Sayward Logger Sports - Susy McKenzie on far right.

Nimpkish Timber Co. operations at Camp 9

Elk River Timber Co. Camp 10

Looking west from the shop area, showing the First Aid building (on left) and the end of the bunkhouses.

Elk River Timber Co. booming grounds

Courier Islander newspaper, June 16, 1972. Upper Islander newspaper with following caption: Vic Hampson has been the boom foreman for Elk River for 22 years.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch operations

Bloedel Stewart and Welch logging in Menzies Bay with the 2-speed Willamette Unit.

Loggers from Elk River Timber Co. camp

George Saarikka, Louie Buchanan, and ??? standing on the tracks.

Englewood Safety Council - Woss Camp

Campbell River Logger Sports

Logging in Bute Inlet

Logging at the Schnarr place in Bute Inlet - Einar Johnson did the logging.

Wood and English Camp 8

Raising a spar tree at the Wood and English operations in the Nimpkish area.

Wood and English sawmill at Englewood

View of wharf at Oyster Bay

Group of loggers at Elk River Timber Co. camp

Eno Saarikko, Bill McGimpsey and two unidentified men standing in a doorway.

Byles and Groves Logging crew

Logger Sports

Ernie Alexander preparing to climb a tree.

View of Elk Falls Mill at Duncan Bay

Reforestation at Knox Bay on Thurlow Island

Tree planters making stakes for the base lines near Knox Bay. This area had previously been logged by P.B. Anderson.

Elk River Timber faller near Campbell River

Willie Granlund beside a large cedar between the mine and the old Upper Quinsam Lake.

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

View of the #3 Pulp Dryer at Elk Falls Mill it ran until November 2008.

Dot Logging Co.

Loaded railcar at Dot Logging Co. operations.

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Camp at Woss

Railroad construction.

Fallers atop a log near Woss Camp

Gordon Flowerdew is the man on the left.

Bendickson Logging operations at Hardwicke Island

Bunkhouse accomodations.

Beecher Lake Lumber sawmill operations

Beecher Lake Lumber Co., which was owned and operated by the Baikie family of Campbell River, was located in the Campbell River estuary area. The Beecher Lake Lumber Co. milled the wood that was logged by Baikie Bros. Logging.