Spar tree and speeder, Nimpkish area

Scottish Palmer Logging Co. at Elk Bay

Two loggers in front of locomotive used at Scottish Palmer Logging co., Elk Bay.

View of Brewster Lake and Bloedel Camp 5

Booming ground and log chute Call Inlet

View of the booming grounds at Call Inlet. Note the two steam donkeys at the top of the log chute.

Elk River Timber Co. locomotive

The 5 spot in the yard at Camp 8.

Tree climbing at logger sports competition

Laurence McIvor scrambling up a 75 foot douglas fir - total time 25.4 seconds.

P.B. Anderson's abandoned Knox Bay headquarters

P.B. Anderson's old logging camp at Knox Bay was later used by forestry crews working to plant trees in the area.

International Timber Co. Camp 4 near Campbell River

Notice the bunkhouses on the rail cars - the camp was being organized at this point. Man in foreground was a high rigger. The foreman's building is on the left. At this time families lived one half of the bunk houses.

A stand of big fir trees

Gildersleeve family on King Island

G.H. 'Doc' Gildersleeve operated a small logging camp at various locations. According to Ken Drushka's book, Working in the Woods he established the first truck logging camps on the mid-coast.

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Camp at Woss

Falling using an early chainsaw.

View of St. Michael's Hospital at Rock Bay

P.B. Anderson's camp at Knox Bay on Thurlow Island

Woss Lake Loggers' Day

Steve Bozman, the winner of the Under 18 Tree Climbing event.

Iron River Logging Co. camp in Oyster Bay

Building timber road for truck logging operation

High rigger at Bendickson Logging operation

Aron Erickson (high rigger) ready to go up a spar tree.

Log rafts at Port Neville

Fir log rafts of the Vancouver Lumber Company at Port Neville, B.C., viewed from the launch 'Kalmor II' and showing the locomotive at camp ready to start into the woods.

Log loading at Elk River Timber Co.

A-frame used to load logs onto the rail cars, likely at their logging operations on Campbell Lake.

Nimpkish Timber Co. operations at Camp 9

Fire at Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill

Putting out the fire at Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill in Campbell River - owned by the Baikies.

Hastings Co. Camp C at Hemming Bay

Skid road near the Hasting Co. Camp C.

MacMillan Bloedel Camp 5 at Menzie's Bay

Booming grounds at Oyster Bay

Vic Hampson, the boom foreman, riding a bundle. Iron River Logging experimented with bundled logs for MacMillan Bloedel at this time. It was so successful that it was adapted by other M and B divisions. The strapping was put around the load while it was on the truck, then the bundle was lifted off...

Lamb Lumber Co. operations at Menzie's Bay

Crew and steam donkey at Lamb's Lumber Co. operations near Menzie's Bay.