Paper machines at Elk Falls Mill

View of the back side of a paper machine.

MacMillan Bloedel Camp 4

View of rail line and camp.

Beecher Lake Lumber Co. near Campbell River

Beecher Lake Lumber Co., which was owned and operated by the Baikie family of Campbell River, was located in the Campbell River estuary area. The Beecher Lake Lumber Co. milled the wood that was logged by Baikie Bros. Logging.

Bendickson Logging crew members

Ed Hill and John Nicholson at back, and Aaron Ericson and Stan Finny in front.

Aerial view of Menzie's Bay

View of booming grounds and booms at MacMillan Bloedel operations at Menzie's Bay.

Woss Logger Sports Days

Log rolling event at loggers sports.

Rock Bay booming grounds

The booming grounds at Rock Bay. Crew members identified as follows: 4th from left (back row) Jack Creelman, then 5th Roy Laird. Far right Bill Giroux (Boom Boss).

A-frame and float camp near Zeballos

Rock Bay postcard

View of Rock Bay showing some of the family homes at the logging camp.

Early Logger Sports

Loggers from Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Menzie's Bay camp, Mike Andrews and George Hulbert, champion splicers competing in a splicing competition at Westminster.

Campbell River Logger Sports competition

Pole/spar tree climbing competition.

Quadra Island

Ken Scholefield with a steam donkey.

Crew at Dick Parker's camp Trevenon Bay

Francis and Amy Barrow (on right) with loggers working for Dick Parker's camp at Trevenon Bay.

International Timber Co. camp near Campbell River

Loading logs at I.T. operations with a steam donkey and spar tree.

A converted steam donkey

Two men standing on a steam unit that has been converted for deisel use (consisting of a loading pot and yarder combined).

An early two-man Burnett chainsaw

One of the first two-man chainsaws, manufactured by Dick Burnett of Burnett Chainsaws, was copied from the old 'Hitler' style saw. This one was used at Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5 on the Salmon River Mainline.

Steam donkey and crew Menzie's Bay

International Timber Co. operations near Campbell River

A spar tree and a steam donkey.

Falling a tree at a MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. Operation

This photograph was likely taken of one of the trees that was sent to Osaka, Japan for the B.C. Pavilion at the 1970 Exposition.

A forestry tree-planting crew at Quinsam Flats

This tree planting crew (pictured here in the Sayward Forest area) was one of the many B.C. Forest Service crews that worked in the Campbell River area after the Sayward Fire of 1938.

Hasting Co. crew at Rock Bay operations

Dot Logging Co. at Knight Inlet

Dot Logging Co. (owned by Clarence and Doug Boardman) steam donkey in operation at Lull Bay in Knight Inlet. This steam donkey (a 10 X12) was restored by the Museum at Campbell River and is now on display out front.

Elk River Timber Co. operations Campbell River

Yarding crew at E.R.T. - setting a turn.

HPB Logging Co. log booms in Loughborough Inlet

HPB Logging logged in Loughborough Inlet for two years until they went broke.

Gold River Loggers' Sports Day

Shannon Messer invites the public to Gold River Loggers Sports.