Bendickson Logging crew on Broughton Island

Martin Espaland (cook) with a small dog standing above on the springboard. Hans Bendickson second from right. Others believed to be (left to right) L. Dahl, ???, Nels Lovick, Moss Johnson, ???, Gus Gunderson, ???, ???.

Merrill Ring Wilson Ltd. camp at Big Tree Creek

Basil Phelps (on right) was a scaler and bull bucker for Merrill Ring Wilson Ltd. operations near Big Tree Creek.

Children from the Elk Bay logging camp

Left to right: Bev Parker, Mervin Stewart, Ron Hughes, Allan Burman, Gordon Stewart, Mel Parker, and Alphild Burman.

Loaded Hayes logging truck

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5 at Brewster Lake

Using a Cat to move the houses into Camp 5.

Elk River Timber Co. booming grounds

The booming grounds of the Elk River Timber Company at the mouth of the Campbell River. Note Tyee Spit visible in the foreground.

Ed Hill with his steam donkey

B.C. Forest Service Station in Campbell River

P.B. Anderson's. camp at Knox Bay, Thurlow Island

The log dump.

Salmon River Logging Co. locomotive in Sayward area

Salmon River Logging Co. locomotive #4 (a 2-6-2T Porter) at their operations in the Sayward area.

International Timber Co. locomotive on a trestle

Elk River Timber faller near Campbell River

Willie Granlund beside a large cedar between the mine and the old Upper Quinsam Lake.

Powell River Co. in Kingcome Inlet

Steam donkey and crew at the Powell River Co. operations at Kingcome Inlet.

Campbell River Logger Sports

The women's log rolling competition (Myrtle Baikie is one of the women).

P.B. Anderson's camp at Knox Bay on Thurlow Island

The cookhouse.

Ruins of the first Forbes Landing Lodge

The remains of the first lodge at Forbes landing after the 1938 Sayward Forest Fire.

Logging at Loughborough Inlet

A loaded White truck and trailer at Beaver Creek, Loughborough Inlet.

Elk River Timber Co. steam donkey

Moving a steam donkey by rail car near ERT Camp 7.

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Camp at Woss

A cold deck pile.

S and S Trucking fleet

S and S Trucking had a contract hauling timber for Iron River Logging Company in Oyster Bay. S and S stood for Schnare and Schnare - a father and son business which also hauled for the Elk River Timber Company.

Nimpkish Lumber Co. at Englewood

Booming grounds and log dump at Englewood.

Merrill Ring Wilson Ltd. camp at Big Tree Creek

Building a railroad grade, using one of the early Caterpillars at Merrill Ring Wilson Ltd. Big Tree Creek camp.

Loggers looking for a lost quarter

Loggers on railroad track at "Daddy Lamb's" Camp at Menzies Bay (Lamb Lumber Co.). Camp buildings in background.

The camp boat used by Bendickson Logging

View of Rock Bay showing hospital and camp