Loggers with a steam donkey in Phillips Arm

From Right: , Charlie Gustafson (70 yrs. Old), Elmer Ellingsen, and J. Stark beside a steam donkey in the Phillips Arm area.

Felling a tree with an axe and a cross cut saw

Two fallers standing on springboards inserted into the base of a fir after chopping a wedge into it. Albert Sehlen on right.

Elk River Timber Co. log dump

Unloading logs at the ERT log dump in the Campbell River Estuary. The 'Humdirgen' (machine on left) was a steam-powered log unloader used to sweep logs off the flat car, and cheese blocks were used on the corners to hold the logs in place.

Stacker on front end loader

Dot Logging Co. at Knight Inlet

Moving the steam donkey to a new setting at Lull Bay in Knight Inlet. Dot Logging Co. was owned by Clarence and Doug Boardman. This steam donkey (a 10 X12) was restored by the Museum at Campbell River and is now on display out front.

Pioneer Timber Co. in Port McNeill

Beach front view of the logging camp buildings at Pioneer Timber Co. at their operations at Port McNeill.

Reforestation headquarters at Knox Bay

After being remodelled for use by the planting crew. The cabin faces south into the bay, and two rows of yellow pine and douglas fir were heeled in nearby.

Cutting firewood at Elk River Timber Camp 6

Dave McDonald cutting up wood with a "Wee McGregor", likely to be used in woodstoves to heat the bunkhouses and other camp buildings.

Fire at Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill

The Campbell River Fire Department works to put out the blaze at the Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill, which was owned and operated by the Baikie family of Campbell River, and was located in the Campbell River estuary area. The Beecher Lake Lumber Co. milled the wood that was logged by Baikie Bros...

Wood and English Camp 9

Rail cars loaded down with timber at Wood and English at Nimpkish operations.

Ben Falk inspects his load at Menzie's Bay

This was (at the time) the largest shipment of logs to ever be hauled by truck, MacMillan Bloedel operation at Menzie's Bay.

Logger Sports

Splicing competition at Sayward Logger Sports.

The B.C. Forest Service launch 'BC Forester'

This launch was used for all transportation purposes on the Thurlow Island reforestation project.

A tug-o-war at Heriot Bay on Quadra Island

A group of local loggers take on the miners in a tug-o-war held during an event at Heriot Bay to celebrate the launch of the Bull family's new boat, the New Zealand. Hosea and Helen Bull established and operated the Heriot Bay Inn for many years. See photograph catalog No. 9376 for the other...

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5 in the winter

Pioneer Timber Co. in Port McNeill

View of the workshop and booming grounds at Pioneer Timber Co. logging operations at Port McNeill. A portion of the wooden fore-an-aft road can be seen in the bottom left of the photograph, note the wire rip-rap on the road which was done to provide traction to the high tired logging trucks.

Loaded logging trucks at Oyster Bay

Loaded truck belonging to S and S truck (Schnare and Schnare Trucking). They were contractors for Iron River Logging. The house on the left belonged to the Boggs family.

Elk River Timber Co. 5 spot locomotive

The 5 spot at ERT Camp 8 near Echo Lake - note that the locomotive is still marked 'International Timber'.

MacMillan Bloedel crew members at booming grounds

A Canadian Forest Products locomotive

Elk River Timber Co. camp

Woody Woodward and Gordon Forbes (of Forbes Landing) in front of an ERT camp building.

International Timber Co. Camp 2 timekeepers

Gordon Jamieson and Frank McCarthy, with the cookhouse on right.

S and S Trucking fleet and crew

From left: Charlie and Ruth Chapple, proprietors of Fisherman's Lodge at Oyster River; Bill Schnare, owner of S and S Trucking; Fred Clarke, assistant manager for S and S; Stan Schnare, manager for S and S; and Al Friesen, top mechanic at S and S. S and S stood for Schnare and Schnare - a...

View of Rock Bay

View of bay shows the hotel, store, and hospital.

Nimpkish Lumber Co. at Englewood

Booming grounds and log dump at Englewood.