The Union Steamship 'Chelosin' at Rock Bay

Quadra Island

Ken Scholefield with a steam donkey.

A logger at Lamb Lumber Co. operations in Menzie's Bay

Yarder at MacMillan Bloedel operations

Powell River Co. in Kingcome Inlet

Shower stalls at the Powell River Co. logging camp at Kingcome Inlet.

Kokish Logger Sports Days

Merrill, Ring and Wilson loggers at Duncan Bay

Standing on far right is Marshall Freek..

MacMillan Bloedel Camp 4

View of rail line and camp.

Log loading at Elk River Timber Co.

A-frame used to load logs onto the rail cars, likely at their logging operations on Campbell Lake.

Elk River Timber Co.

The log dump at the mouth of the Campbell River.

Reforestation at Knox Bay on Thurlow Island

A fifteen-man tree planting crew at work in the area immediately north of Lot 14, Knox Bay. The large number of stumps, downed timber and ground cover shown was not uncommon, and made tree planting difficult work. This area had previously been logged by P.B. Anderson.

Logger Sports Day in Campbell River

The log birling event.

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Camp at Woss

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. locomotive on Gold Creek Bridge by Woss.

Loading a White logging truck

Early White logging truck on a fore-an-aft road being loaded with a hayrack boom. Likely taken in the Port Neville area and part of the Byles and Groves Logging Co.

Load of logs from MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.

Photograph appeared in the Nov. 6, 1968 issue of the C.R. Courier newspaper with the following caption: Logs heading for Osaka, Japan as part of British Columbia Pavilion at 1970 Exposition. Logs were taller than an eight story building. They were cut by MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. Copper Canyon...

Hasting Co. Camp C at Hemming Bay

View of Hasting Co. float Camp C from the lake at Hemming Bay.

Logger sports event at Gold River

Canadian champion of horizontal axe chopping.

Brown and Kirkland operations at Elk Bay

Mr. Jack 'step-and-a-half' Phelps, who was the foreman of Brown and Kirkland's operations at Elk Bay with his family.

Wood and English camp at Nimpkish

Roderick Haig-Brown (on right) on the steps of a camp building at Wood and English camp 10.

Woss Lake Loggers' Day

Henry Gauvin, winner of the Molly Hogan Race.

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Camp at Woss

The loading set up.

Paper machines at Elk Falls Mill

Camp 10 in the Elk Valley alongside logging railline

Inside the cookhouse at Bendickson Logging camp

Doorway leading into the dining room.

Byles and Groves logging

Log being lifted from booming grounds with steam donkey on a float with an A-frame.