P.B. Anderson's logging Camp at Knox Bay, Thurlow Island

P.B. Anderson's logging camp at Knox Bay, Thurlow Island was established in 1917. The logging operation there included several miles of rail line.

Loggers looking for a lost quarter

Loggers on railroad track at "Daddy Lamb's" Camp at Menzies Bay (Lamb Lumber Co.). Camp buildings in background.

Rock Bay

William Carmichael.

Hasting co. camp near Rock Bay

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 4

Steam donkey being unloaded at Camp 4.

May Day celebrations at Rock Bay

May Day event held by Hasting Co. employees a the Rock Bay. May Queen (centre) is Mary Cavanaugh, and the Queen's court is Vida Holroyd, Margaret ???, Ethel Holroyd, Margaret Cavanaugh, and Pearl Lappleton.

Logging operations tour group in Gold River

Members of the Gold River Take-A-Break Club were taken on a tour of the Tahsis Co.'s Gold River Logging Div. (foreman Jim Messer).

The Sayward Forest Fire

Bendickson Logging operations on Hardwicke Island

Tom Johnson (wood bucker) and John Nicholson (foreman).

Hasting co. camp near Rock Bay

View of tugboat 'Active' tied up at wharf at Rock Bay.

Reforestation at Knox Bay on Thurlow Island

Part of a fifteen-man tree planting crew with their foreman at the junction of Tucker Point and Blind Channel railroad grades. The remains of the railroad is still visible. This area had originally been logged by P.B. Anderson.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch operations

Martin Fossum, camp foreman, trying out the new Burnett two-man chainsaw.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5 at Brewster Lake

View of the Point and the houses on the hill at Camp 5. The bunkhouses for the single men are in the foreground and the married living quarters are across the lake.

Fallers atop a log near Woss Camp

Gordon Flowerdew is the man on the left.

Logger Sports Day parade

Abbott Timber Co. logging operations

Abbott Timber Co.logging operations at Haskin's Place, Quadra Island.

Joe Zanatta of Quinsam Trucking with large log

Joe Zanatta (on left) was the owner of Quinsam Trucking and a sawmill on the Campbell River, he also logged a few tracts of land in the Campbell River area (one along the Quinsam River and another up near Gooseneck Lake).

Nimpkish Timber Co. operations at Camp 9

A spar tree at work.

Merrill, Ring and Wilson operations at Duncan Bay

A steam powered wood splitter.

Early loggers on holiday at Heriot Bay, Quadra Island

Loggers: David Vanstone (rear, 2nd from right), Frank Gagne (holding a dog), and Arthur Joyce (rear, 3rd from left).

Elk River Timber Co. operations near Campbell River

Locomotive and steam donkey.

Wood and English Camp 9

Rail cars loaded down with timber at Wood and English operations in the Nimpkish area.

View of Rock Bay showing hospital and camp

View of wharf at Rock Bay

The tugboat 'Active' tided up at end of Rock Bay wharf.

Campbell River Logger Sports

One man chainsaw cutting competition at logger sports event in Campbell River.