Iron River Logging in Oyster Bay

Pete Palmer taking a photo of a loaded logging truck crossing the Island Highway.

Aerial View of Elk Falls Mill

View of the mill in 1966 which was the year that the mill became a four machine operation with the addition of No. 3 pulp dryer and No. 4 specialty machine.

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Inside the TMP (Thermomechanical Pulp) at Elk Falls.

Elk River Timber Co. operations Campbell River

Yarding crew at E.R.T. - setting a turn.

Elk River Timber Co. locomotive near Campbell River

Gildersleeve logging camp on King Island

G.H. 'Doc' Gildersleeve operated a small logging camp at various locations. According to Ken Drushka's book, Working in the Woods he established the first truck logging camps on the mid-coast. School teacher John Vogt(hired by Gildersleeve) when they were logging near King Island.

Salmon River Logging Co. locomotive in Sayward area

Salmon River Logging Co. locomotive #4 (a 2-6-2T Porter) at their operations in the Sayward area.

Loggers from Bloedel Stewart & Welch Camp 4

Load of logs at Camp 4 in Menzie's Bay - a Bloedel, Stewart & Welch operation.

Logger Sports Day in Campbell River

The tree climbing event.

Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill

Beecher Lake Lumber Co., which was owned and operated by the Baikie family of Campbell River, was located in the Campbell River estuary area. The Beecher Lake Lumber Co. milled the wood that was logged by Baikie Bros. Logging.

View of the Campbell River waterfront

Tom Brown's log dump can be seen here.

View of logging camp at Elk Bay

International Timber Co. crew

International Timber Co. logging crew, family members and cookhouse staff at Camp #4 posed in front of the cookhouse. The following people are identified: Mrs. Kusha (kitchen helper) in plaid coat, back row. David Jeremiahson, camp superintendent, on her right (he used to have his own camp).

Wood and Armitage logging camp

A Wood and Armitage camp at Refuge Cove on West Redonda Island.

May Day celebrations at Rock Bay

May Day event held by Hasting Co. employees a the Rock Bay.The Maypole dance (done on the lawn of the Rock Bay Hospital).

Campbell River Logger Sports

Wallace Baikie - a prior log birling champion - on the left.

Port Neville float camp

Dewey Parker's floathouse, part of a logging camp operations at Port Neville..

High lead spar tree near Menzie's Bay

High lead spar tree and view from distance of Willamette Yarder and loader, near Bloedel, Stewart and Welch camp, in their British Columbia operations 70 miles north of Vancouver. Spar tree 180 feet high.

Campbell River's first sawmill

The office of Frank Wilfert's sawmill on the slough in Campbellton.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5 at Brewster Lake

View of the Point and the houses on the hill at Camp 5. The bunkhouses for the single men are in the foreground and the married living quarters are across the lake.

Dressing a hog for dinner

Bloedel Stewart and Welch camp; butchers dressing a hog for the commissary near camp.

Nimpkish Timber Co. operations at Camp 8

The log dump.

Early White logging truck, Port Neville area

Logging truck driver Ed Magnall behind the wheel of an early White logging truck on a fore-an-aft road. Part of Byles and Groves operations at Port Neville.

Wharf at B.C. Forest Service Station

View of wharf at Thurston Bay at the B.C. Forest Service Station. The Forest Service boat B.C. Forester is tied up at the wharf.

Stella Lake Logging Co. operations

Steam donkey at Elk Bay, Stella Lake Logging Co.