Merrill and Ring Logging Co.

Merrill and Ring Logging Co. locomotives and crew at Duncan Bay. Locomotive at back is a Shay engine and in front is a locomotive used as a "crummy" for the woods crew. Crew indentification includes: Third on right, Bill ??, and fifth on right Gus Clements.

Topping a spar tree at Hemming Lake

Blowing the top off the spar tree with dynamite near Hasting Co., Camp C, Hemming Bay.

Old growth Cedar with undercut

Very large cedar tree, with undercut, probably made by a hand logger, who later discovered it was not on land upon which he was licensed to operate. Diameter 129 inches.

Hotel at Rock Bay

Elk River Timber Co. log dump

Unloading at truck at Elk River Timber booming grounds at the mouth of the Campbell River.

Granite Bay, Quadra Island

Bill Carmichael, boom man.

Loggers at Port Neville

Jerry Bristoe, Otto Petersen, and Bill Crabbe (child).

Loggers and steam donkey near Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

This picture was taken logging behind the Quadra Island cemetery near the old Yeatman House. Bill Fageruik on the left.

Powell River Co. in Kingcome Inlet

View of the bunkhouse interior at Powell River Co., operations at Kingcome Inlet.

Ten-section cedar log raft

Ten-section cedar log raft, with six sections of hemlock raft in back of it, tied up in southwest arm of Booker Lagoon, Broughton Island, adjacent to Surveyed Timber Limit 2002, 190 miles northwest of Vancouver, B.C., in the logging operations of Clark and Lyford, Ltd.

Byles and Groves logging crew Port Neville

Merrill Ring Wilson Ltd. camp at Big Tree Creek

Basil Phelps (on right) was a scaler and bull bucker for Merrill Ring Wilson Ltd. operations near Big Tree Creek.

May Day celebrations at Rock Bay

May Day event held by Hasting Co. employees a the Rock Bay.

Logger Sports Day in Campbell River

The log birling event.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5 in the winter

Hastings co. locomotive Rock Bay area

The first Bull of the Woods Day, Campbell River

The obstacle pole final.

Fire at Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill

The Campbell River Fire Department works to put out the blaze at the Beecher Lake Lumber Co. sawmill, which was owned and operated by the Baikie family of Campbell River, and was located in the Campbell River estuary area. The Beecher Lake Lumber Co. milled the wood that was logged by Baikie Bros...

Reforestation camp 31

A reforestation camp in the Salmon River area (across high level bridge)

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

A view of the lumber yard at the Elk Falls Sawmill, Duncan Bay.

Woss Camp

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Mill carpenters replacing the roof on the top of a paper barge at low tide.

Reforestation at Knox Bay on Thurlow Island

Heeled in saplings near the field in preparation for tree planting in the Knox Bay area. This area had previously been logged by P.B. Anderson.

A logging demonstration in Campbell River

Demonstration of cutting a tree with cross cut saw and spring board which was part of the 1966 Centennial Celebrations held in Campbell River. This event was held in the Tyee Plaza. Ture Krooks on right; Wallace Baikie on left.

Spar tree at logging operations at Iron River

Bob and Stan Grant's logging operations which were in the Oyster Bay area.