Spar tree at work loading a railcar in Elk Bay

Elk River Timber Co. camp

Woody Woodward and Gordon Forbes (of Forbes Landing) in front of an ERT camp building.

Byles and Groves logging operations

Log dump at Port Neville with logging truck in foreground.

Hastings Co. in Granite Bay

A Hastings outfit steam donkey in Granite Bay, Quadra Island. (Left to right): John Sandstrom, Emil Luoma, "Walleen", Charlie Hodall, ???, and Freddie Walker.

Green Timbers Forestry Station in Surrey

Showing a portion of the transplant beds, containing the stock that would later be used to reforest areas of Thurlow Island.

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Mill carpenters replacing the roof on the top of a paper barge at low tide.

Canadian Forest Products Locomotive 112 in the Nimpkish Valley

International Timber Co. mainline locomotive in the Campbell River area

International Timber Co locomotive #4 with its longest train of logs at the time - 30 loads in total.

Bendickson Logging in Jervis Inlet

A log coming out of the chute into the chuck at Patrick Point, Jervis Inlet.

Hauling a log with a spar tree in Port Neville

Elk River Timber at Gooseneck Lake

Loading at Gooseneck Lake. Dan McKenzie at left and Tom Laurie at right. Trucks brought loads to Gooseneck Lake and dumped them there for loading onto railcars.

Ruins of the first Forbes Landing Lodge

The remains of the first lodge at Forbes landing after the 1938 Sayward Forest Fire.

Kokish Logger Sports Days

Rock Bay postcard

View of Rock Bay showing some of the family homes at the logging camp.

Woss Lake Loggers' Day

John Kasnik with his many trophies.

Bloedel, Stewart & Welch Co. locomotive near Campbell River

Locomotive is a Pacific Coast Shay and is likely Bloedel, Stewart & Welch Co. #11 used in the Menzie's Bay area.

View of Brewster Lake and Bloedel Camp 5

Loading logs at Elk River Timber Co operations

Loading logs with the use of 'L' hooks on a skyline onto rail cars. This was an extremely unstable and dangerous process.

Yarding a log at MacMillan Bloedel operations

Reforestation at Knox Bay on Thurlow Island

Tree planters baseline crew with flagged stakes in preparation for tree planting. This area had previously been logged by P.B. Anderson.

View of booming ground and camp at Elk Bay

International Timber Co. camp near Campbell River

Loading logs at I.T. operations with a steam donkey and spar tree.

Campbell River Logger Sports

Men's log rolling competition at logger sports event in Campbell River. Jack Baikie in the water and Bill Baikie of Courtenay still on the log. This event was held annual at Lane Field and sponsored by the Kinsmen's club.

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch operations

Raising a spar tree at Menzies Bay.

The 'Kalmor II'

Log boom and launch 'Kalmor II' viewed from the landing on Surveyed Timber Limit 2001, looking towards Camp 2 across the southwest arm of Booker Lagoon, Broughton Island, B.C.