Elk Falls Mill paper machine #2

Campbell River Logger Sports

Choker setting competition at logger sports event. Alan Woodrow on right and Danny McKenzie, manager at the Elk River Timber Co., on left.

Elk River Timber Co. log dump

Unloading logs at the ERT log dump in the Campbell River Estuary.

International Timber Co. camp near Campbell River

International Timber Co. locomotive near Campbell River. Guy Elgood looking out of cab door with a cap on (after working at I.T he served in World War 1 and died in England of the flu in 1918).

Merrill Ring Wilson Ltd. camp at Big Tree Creek

Building a railroad grade, using one of the early Caterpillars at Merrill Ring Wilson Ltd. Big Tree Creek camp.

Children from the Elk Bay logging camp

Left to right: Bev Parker, Mervin Stewart, Ron Hughes, Allan Burman, Gordon Stewart, Mel Parker, and Alphild Burman.

The steam donkey crew at Menzie's Bay

Logging crew at "Daddy Lamb's" outfit (Lamb Lumber Co.) in Menzie's Bay - Ernie Truman on stump and Otto Peterson on right.

Elk River Timber Co. Camp 8

Looking southwest from the centre of camp.

Logger Sports event at Campbell River

Elk River Timber Co.'s superintendent Danny McKenzie (left) competing in a crosscut saw bucking competition.

MacMillan Bloedel in Kelsey Bay

MacMillan Bloedel employee with an Alp yarder at Kelsey Bay.

Canadian Forest Products Locomotive 112 in the Nimpkish Valley

International Timber Co. locomotive on a trestle

Elk River Timber Co.

Log dump at the mouth of the Campbell River.

Loggers on boom at Call Inlet

Bendickson Logging's yarding crew on Hardwicke Island

View of logging camp from the water

Panorama of the log booms and the camp of the Booth Logging Company, of Vancouver, BC., at Menzies Bay, on Vancouver Island, near the south entrance of Seymour Narrows. View shows approximately 1,500,000 feet of Fir, Cedar and Hemlock logs in standing boom. The land on which this timber was cut is...

Bloedel, Stewart and Welch Camp 5 at Brewster Lake

The cookhouse in winter - note the triangular dinner bell. The triangle is now in the collections at the Museum at Campbell River.

Brown and Kirkland at Elk Bay

John Puttonen using the 'Wee MacGregor' saw to cut firewood for the locomotive at the Elk Bay logging operations.

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

View of the No. 1 bleach plant.

Powell River Logging Co.

Train trestle at Kingcome Inlet.

Elk Falls Mill operations Campbell River

Loading a freighter will rolls of paper manufactured at the Elk Falls Mill at Duncan Bay, Campbell River.

Elk Falls Mill team

Deep Bay Lake, A-frame and donkey

Small building in the background is Dick

Log loading at Elk River Timber Co.

A-frame used to load logs onto the rail cars, likely at their logging operations on the Upper Campbell Lake.

Early logging truck on a fore-an-aft road

Eric Bergman (left) and Allan Roberts (right) on a hard-wheeled logging truck operated by Byles and Groves Co. at Port Neville.